Adopting a healthy living lifestyle in Singapore

Adopting a healthy living lifestyle in Singapore

Personal health should be a major concern for everybody. Without good health you cannot enjoy life. No matter what kinds of luxuries you might be have, if you do not have sound health and you fall sick then you cannot enjoy them. Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism.

Having metabolic efficiency in the body means that the body systems are all functioning right. This includes body systems such as the respiratory system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, the optic system, the ear nose and throat system, among others. All these systems need to be performing perfectly for one to be considered healthy.

One does not need to fall critically ill before taking action on their health. In matters concerning health, prevention is said to be better than cure. Many times we fall sick due to observing poor lifestyles that create a burden for our bodies or accumulate unwanted properties in our body that eventually can make us ill and can at times prove to be fatal.

A common issue that many Singaporeans have is getting overweight due to lack of sufficient body exercise coupled up with unhealthy eating. Singapore, like many developed urban centers has a good transport system where people do not need to walk for long distances to get to work, school or home. When they get to work or school, they are mostly seated for the whole day. At the end of the day, when they go back to their rented or purchased apartments, they just lounge in front of the TV eating some high calorie snacks.

Lack of exercise makes the muscles get withered and performing strenuous activity becomes difficult. It also makes the heart weak and it cannot pump as fast or as powerfully as it should for a normal healthy person. This is what is called being unfit. When one is unfit, they are also likely to start growing fat. This is because the body does not have enough muscles to use up all the energy in the body. Instead the body converts the excessive energy into fat.

People in today’s Singapore need to exercise more. Despite their busy schedules, they should look for time when they can engage in some exercises such as walking or jogging. There are many trails around Singapore where people can walk or jog. There are also many roads where people can cycle and burn off excessive body weight.

If you have rented or you own a room that is high up in a flat, consider using the stairs more often. Walking up a staircase is a very good exercise plan for burning fat and if it can be done frequently, or better yet adopted as a lifestyle, one can see great changes in their body weight. When taking up training exercises to reduce or manage body weight, one should pay keen attention to the kinds of foods that he/ she is taking. One should avoid all kinds of fatty and sugary foods.

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