Captured by a beauty with a hypnotizing smile in Singapore

Captured by a beauty with a hypnotizing smile in Singapore

Visiting Singapore for my vacation was a divine choice for me. I had been to all the continents in the world but had not been to Asia. This time I decided to visit Asia. There were many places where I could visit but unfortunately I was kind of short of funds. The places where I could tour and get the most in terms of wildlife, which was my major interest, would cost me a lot of money which I did not have. And then I came across a holiday offer in Singapore.

A certain touring agency was offering an amazing deal for tourists. There was a two weeks period where they could enjoy many attraction sites at half the normal prize. The costs would be minimized by lodging on some short term rentals other than the expensive hotels. When I checked the details, I realized that I could easily afford the trip and still have some change. I also saw that the tour itinerary would include some viewing of wildlife in some of the nature reserves of Singapore. I immediately booked the tour.

During the very first day in Singapore when I arrived at the rental flats where we would be lodging, I saw the most beautiful smile that I had ever seen in my life. The owner was a voluptuous little blond who was chatting with one of the attendants. She had also just checked in. She was being escorted to her room. Being one to always take my chances I quickly called on the attention of the same attendant asking that I had also just arrived and would appreciate some help being guided to my room.

The pretty blond was at first taken aback by my enthusiastic intrusion but when she learnt that I was also a tourist on the same vacation plan as her, she was clearly delighted. She was even more thrilled when I introduce myself and she learnt that I was from the same country as she was.

For me, I was enchanted by the smile. I could not take my eyes away from her cute smile that revealed evenly shaped spotless teeth. Walking up a short flight of stairs I tripped severally as most of my concentration was on the cute face that was now explaining that her name was Phoebe and that she was a doctor who had finally found some time to take a holiday and since she was quite careful about spending, she had been thrilled when she came across this vacation offer.

That night in my room I could not think of anything else but Phoebe’s smile. I tried to think about the glorious time I would have touring the attractions in Singapore but they all seemed to fade in the horizon as compared to that smile and those adorable eyes.

The next morning I frantically looked for Phoebe during breakfast. She came in late and she also seemed to be looking around. I was walking back to a table after serving my breakfast when our eyes met over the tables. She gave that smile again. I almost dropped my breakfast.

Captured by a beauty with a hypnotizing smile in Singapore Credit Picture License: Singapore Airlines SQ1 Cabin Crew via photopin cc
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