Factors to consider when renting a house in Singapore

Factors to consider when renting a house in Singapore

Before renting any residential house in Singapore, there are several questions that you should ask yourself. These are questions that will lead you towards making the right choice in terms of the right kind of house to rent and the secondary benefits that will come along with renting that particular house.

Location, location, location – Location is a prime factor to look at when looking for a house to rent. The location means the physical mapping of the house that you are thinking of renting. You should always consider the location of your house in relation to the places where you frequent. This could be the workplace, college if one is a student, or school if you have school going kids. If you have a spouse you should also consider their workplace.

Getting a house that is relatively close to the frequented places helps you save on transportation costs and time due to a shorter travelled distance.

Availability of other amenities – The location of the rental may be ideal for all the places you frequent but you also need to consider the access of other vital facilities. These facilities include conveniences such as a market place where you can get your supplies. You should consider getting a rental that is close to a place that you can get to fast enough to get basic supplies such as grocery. Similarly you might want to get a house that is not very far from medical facilities such as a hospital.

Another important facility that you should always have close by your rental in Singapore is a transportation network point. You might need to get a house that is close to the highway or the MRT.

Budget – It goes without saying that one has to always consider their budget. You need to size up the costs of any potential house against your own budget. A house might be very good with all the things that you might need but it has very high rent that will be unmanageable for your income.

In Singapore, the government has come up with HDB houses that are developed to offer cheaper houses for the people. Do not spend unnecessarily on privately owned houses when you can rent a HDB rental for much less and have some money left over to do something else.

Size of the house – Before you get into any house you have to take into account all the things that you own and the size of the house you want to move into. Many times we have items that are very bulky such as furniture, electric devices, carpets, and other furnishings that cannot fit in small houses.

You may also have items that are too few to conveniently fill up the space in a new bigger house. As such, make sure you consider all this factors. Do not get into a new house and then start buying more unnecessary things just to fill up the empty spaces in your new home. Also, do not cram your things into a tiny house and end up with little or no room to move around.

Factors to consider when renting a house in Singapore Credit Picture License: Tourist shopping in Pagoda Street, Singapore via photopin cc
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